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Understanding Financial Ratios Part 2

financial ratio analysis

This is the second part of my guide on how to understand and interpret the key financial ratios that will guide how you invest profitably in companies. If you missed the first part, go to this link. If you have already read that, then let’s get you started on Part 2 of Understanding Financial Ratios.

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Understanding Basic Financial Ratios Part One

financial ratios

One of the most common ways to grow your wealth is through the buying and selling of stocks and shares. Of course, you shouldn’t buy blindly. This article will examine one of the ways you can evaluate the strength of the company. I skipped some of my ratios lectures in college and over the years…

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Understanding Your Financial Basics

Ever since I started on my journey to achieve financial freedom, I have been so surprised by the support and encouragement of so many of my friends and family. By going public with my struggles, I seemed to have managed to unite normally stoic family members and encouraged dialogue about something which is not critically…

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