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We know, finance can be quite confusing at times. But guess what - it doesn't have to be! Getting your finances sorted out and making sure you no longer have to worry (well, not worry so much anyway) about money is possible.

Join me here and I'd love to show you how. We'll be demystifying finance and savings and we hope to learn more about you as we go along. You'll learn how to take charge of your life. You'll learn about SPRON's story - how went from a broke-ass joke teetering on collapse to the joys of today. And it all started on a trip back to Reykjavik...

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Top Story for Businesses

Increase Visibility via Digital Marketing

In this roundup article from SEO experts, CloudRock, we explore some of the ways that financial institutions can increase their online visibility and brand awareness via digital marketing strategies.

Top Story for Consumers

Tips to Prepare for Retirement

This is one of the most pressing concerns that most professionals have when it comes to their finances - how to save for their retirements. In this article, we look at some of the best ways.

Marketing Trends in Banking 2019

banking trends 2019

Before I began my journey into personal finance, I was working as a high level marketing executive in a major bank. I understand the inner workings of banks, insurance companies and many other financial institutions. I loved being part of the financial institution, but I did not enjoy being just a cog in a machine and left after a while. But I do still keep in touch with colleagues in the financial industry, and am always interested in the coming trends. Here are some of the more important marketing trends that I expect to see in the coming year.

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Understanding Basic Financial Ratios Part One

financial ratios

One of the most common ways to grow your wealth is through the buying and selling of stocks and shares. Of course, you shouldn’t buy blindly. This article will examine one of the ways you can evaluate the strength of the company. I skipped some of my ratios lectures in college and over the years I learned to regret it somewhat. Ratio analysis is an approach that some investors and analysts use to compare the strengths and weaknesses of various companies. It is one of the most widely-used fundamental analysis techniques. Ratio Analysis Just with any technique, you do need to understand how to properly use ratio analysis and not treat it as if it is a magic bullet. For example, you should not be comparing different types of companies from different sectors and industries. There are many types of financial ratios. To make things less confusing, we have created…

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We all have an origin story. Some are simply awesome, while others, well, not so much. Unfortunately, mine was the latter. You see, it all began...

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Believing you can change and that you deserve better is the first step to getting what you deserve.

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Stop living from paycheck to paycheck. There's a whole new life out there that's would make spending just a little more effort now worth it. Have adventures in tropical forests, make friends around the world and make the people you love happy!

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